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Are early wage access products a worker-friendly innovation — or are they loans that need regulation?

Hello and welcome back to MarketWatch’s Extra Credit column, a weekly look at the news through the lens of debt. This week we’re once again digging into an obsession of mine: How we define debt or credit and the implications of that definition for businesses and consumers.  Earned wage access products have been at the […]

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Delta Air Lines to impose $200 monthly surcharge for unvaccinated employees in health care plan

Delta Air Lines Inc. DAL, +1.32% is stepping up efforts to get employees vaccinated against Covid-19, introducing measures including weekly testing requirements and a monthly health insurance surcharge for employees who don’t take the vaccines. The airline’s moves come amid growing pressure on companies to mandate vaccines for employees, particularly now that the Food and […]

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Opinion: We’re not as rich as we think we are because of a ‘money illusion’ over inflation

Americans have been spoiled for decades by an environment of low inflation. Now that inflation is back — for however long that lasts — we need to change the way we think about our incomes, investments, debt and spending. Inflation changes everything, and sometimes in surprising ways. If we don’t factor inflation into our calculations, […]

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