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My parents made my sister executor of their $4 million estate, and joint owner of their bank accounts. Should I be worried?

Dear Quentin, I just found out that my parents (who are in their mid 80s) have named my sister as their successor trustee, and executor of their estate and wills. They have also put her name on all their financial accounts “in case something happens to us.” I have no reason to suspect my sister […]

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I’m a farmer in my late 30s and live a frugal lifestyle. My son has a disability. Should I pay extra on my mortgage — or save for retirement?

I believe you recently stated that by 40, one should have three times their annual income saved for retirement. That frightened me a little. I am in my late 30s, and we have a little more than half my annual income saved in an IRA that my wife started before I knew her. My wife […]

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My second husband, 86, and I have 12 kids between us. He wants me to leave him everything — and will pass on the inheritance to my 5 children

My second husband, previously divorced, is 86 years old and has been putting off setting up a trust for 10 years. We have 12 children between the two of us, and he wants to leave all of his assets to me, and then everything to his seven children after I die. The problem is, he […]

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