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Could Crocs be the shoe of the summer? Check out Diplo’s psychedelic pair

Crocs have stepped up their game. The bulky, rubbery clogs that “Project Runway” fashion guru Tim Gunn once called “plastic hooves” and Victoria Beckham said she would “rather die” than wear have remained a divisive fashion piece for the past two decades. Fans say that Crocs CROX, -0.75% are comfortable, however, and the affordable price […]

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My sisters — one of whom was a Fortune 500 VP — emptied my mother’s house and told me to take what was left

Before my mom died, my two older sisters moved her from her home to an assisted living facility in the southern state where they both live. My husband watched over my mom’s house as we live in the same town, and it sat vacant for several years before my mom decided she wanted to sell […]

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I have a ‘mundane’ First World problem: Should I buy a $30,000 bracelet during a global pandemic?

I have a mundane First World problem that may or may not warrant your attention. But I read your column and thought you could help me. It’s something that has been troubling me for some time. Should I buy a $30,000 piece of jewelry? I have a $500,000 stable annual income and no debt. My […]

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