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Student-loan companies misled borrowers about whether they were eligible for loan forgiveness, watchdog says

Student-loan companies gave public servants inaccurate information about Public Service Loan Forgiveness, delaying or preventing them from having their student loans forgiven. The watchdog agency found that student-loan servicers, the companies the government contracted to manage the repayment process, left public servants with the impression their loans didn’t qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, even […]

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Brace yourself, here’s why inflation could create a ‘giant wealth transfer’ from lenders to borrowers

Higher prices for rental cars, airplane tickets and uncooked beef roasts have economists and consumers wondering whether we’re living through the start of an inflationary period.  It remains to be seen whether these price hikes are just a temporary blip resulting from a pandemic-era mismatch of supply and demand or an indication of inflation, an […]

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Richard Cordray to oversee America’s $1.5 trillion student loan portfolio

Richard Cordray, the former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will oversee the federal government’s $1.5 trillion student loan portfolio, the Department of Education announced Monday.  Cordray will become the chief operating officer of the Department’s Office of Federal Student Aid, which is responsible for a range of tasks related to students’ and borrowers’ […]

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