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Opinion: Biotech stocks are a buy — especially these 18 picks

There’s a world of hurt in biotech. It’s in a bear market. The good news is the pullback offers an chance to get into exciting areas of biotech research like gene editing and oncology at better prices. Some of these names will see buyout pops since they’re now more attractive targets for big pharmaceutical firms. […]

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Opinion: 5 high-growth themes and the stock-market ETFs that can deliver big gains in 2021

Wall Street closed the books on 2020 with a decidedly good year for U.S. stocks. But as is so often the case, your performance varied significantly depending on what you owned. I’m not talking about stock-picking; picking the “right” index was just as important. Consider that for the year, the Nasdaq-100 NDX, -0.29% increased roughly 44%, […]

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