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My mother-in-law moved into our rental home years ago and made $60,000 in upgrades. We now want to sell. Should we repay her?

Dear MarketWatch, My mother-in-law moved into our rental home eight years ago. From the start there was miscommunication about how much the rent was going to be. We thought she would pay the asking amount; she thought she would get a deal. She paid the asking price at the time. Fast forward eight years, and […]

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Opinion: ‘Don’t give up on your dreams,’ says the Medicare songwriter

Last year at about this time I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden my phone blew up. Congratulatory text messages started coming in: “I always knew this would happen. Proud of you.” After a little checking and a phone call or two, I found out what all the fuss was about. […]

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Opinion: Smart withdrawals can reduce taxes, extend your nest egg in retirement

There’s plenty written about saving for retirement, but not so much about how to spend what you’ve saved: A Google search produced more than 15 times as many results for “how to save for retirement” as for “how to withdraw money during retirement.” And indeed, you can save and invest for retirement over a working […]

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