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How financial planning can help you. Exhibit A: Selling your home before getting married — and facing this avoidable tax mistake

If you are affluent or will be in the future, taxes are or will become one of your biggest expenses — maybe the biggest. And probably getting bigger, depending on how much of President Biden’s tax plan gets through Congress.  While some people claim they would love the opportunity to pay more to Uncle Sam, […]

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Is renting cheaper than owning a home? Here’s the answer in America’s 50 biggest cities

Do you think the rent is too damn high? You might want to check out how much it costs to own a home if you need a mortgage to buy one. A new report from LendingTree TREE, -1.84% compared the costs of renting versus homeownership across the 50 largest metropolitan areas nationwide. In every metro […]

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My wife inherited $800K. She put $300K toward our mortgage and $500K in her own bank account — after 35 years of marriage

Dear Quentin, I’ve been married 35 years. My wife is going to inherit $800,000 and told me she will use $300,000 to pay off our mortgage. The house is worth $450,000. But she will put the remaining $500,000 into her own personal checking account. I’m 65 and still work. I earn $130,000 a year and […]

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