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Medicare covers hospital care and doctor visits. But did you know it also covers grief counseling and depression screening?

People with Medicare are happy campers. Nearly four-fifths of Medicare consumers (78%) give their Medicare plan four or five stars, with five as the highest rating, according to a 2020 Insure.com survey. But just because they’re satisfied with their coverage doesn’t mean they understand it. Like any insurance plan, Medicare can seem confusing if you don’t take […]

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Open for business: U.S. companies are reopening or forming at a frantic pace

The “chief business of the American people is business,” President Calvin Coolidge said almost a century ago. They are proving him right again as the U.S. emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. The reopening of the economy has spawned an explosion in new and reopened businesses. More than 60,000 companies reopened from April through June while […]

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