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Starbucks will begin to allow personal reusable cups with a contactless twist

Starbucks Corp. has announced the return of personal reusable cups to U.S. stores on June 22, but there will be a few new rules for customers to follow in order to make the experience contactless. Starbucks SBUX, +0.17% baristas will first check to be sure the refillable cup is clean. Once that’s determined, the cup […]

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Bond traders betting on hotels or shopping malls now have Big Data at hand

But bond traders in the notoriously niche $600 billion commercial mortgage-backed securities market (CMBS), now have more ways than ever to tap Big Data when betting on a recovery — or decline — of specific hotel properties or a cluster of shopping malls. Like with so many things lately, the pandemic has been a catalyst. […]

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Opinion: Why index funds are nuts

How much of my retirement portfolio do I really want to gamble on a high-risk, low-profit company that is already valued at over 1,000 times its most recent earnings, plus seven times the peak earnings of its entire industry, and which is controlled and run by a volatile eccentric? Probably not much, to be honest. […]

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