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Your financial adviser is retiring. Should you find another firm?

With the average age of financial advisers in the U.S. hovering around 55, and about 20% of them age 65 or older, chances are that your adviser will be retiring sooner than later. Depending on the size of your retiring adviser’s firm, you may be assigned to another planner within the company or referred to an […]

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My friends all have more money than me, how do I keep up?

Finally, as the country reopens, you’re likely seeing more of your friends. Out with the video chatting and in with the high-fiving, hugging and, well, spending. For every dinner, there’s a check to pay; for every wedding, a gift to buy; and for every concert, a ticket to score. You may notice that you and […]

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‘Read the fine print’ and other money lessons from millennials approaching 40

The jokes about millennials being perpetual children are aging about as quickly as millennials themselves. With the eldest of our generation pushing 40, lately we’re less about rosé all day and more about term life insurance. The geriatric among us were already working (or trying to) when the Great Recession hit. And now, some of […]

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