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Mazda’s new EV has a nice price but limited range

Virtually every automaker is bringing out at least one electric vehicle in 2021. Most of them are putting all the effort they can into stretching the range of those new EVs. And almost all of those new EVs carry a price tag of at least $40,000. Mazda MZDAY, -0.34% hopes that has created an opening. […]

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20 stocks for maximum growth as the world switches to clean energy

If you would like your investments to help protect the Earth, you might as well go in for the long term and try to make a lot of money as companies specializing in low-emissions and sustainable energy technologies grow. Below is a screen of alternative-energy companies expected to produce the fastest revenue growth over the […]

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Semiconductor stocks are rallying — and they still look like bargains

Semiconductor stocks haven’t risen in a straight line this year, but they have recovered from their last dip in May. Now the group is expected to maintain its head of steam through 2022 with faster growth than the broader stock market. But chip makers as a group trade below the broad indexes on a price-to-earnings […]

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