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Opinion: Celebrities and social media influencers touting crypto and SPACs are not automatic ‘likes’

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) often warns investors against falling for the madness of crowds. Observing the behavior of gullible fans, the SEC has flagged celebrity endorsements, from cryptocurrencies to special purpose acquisition vehicles (SPACs). In one such alert earlier this year, the SEC cautioned: “Celebrity involvement in a SPAC does not mean that the investment […]

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Public libraries need $32 billion for capital improvements, study finds

As federal stimulus money starts to flow to city and state budgets, the group in charge of one of the best-loved parts of American communities has a request. Public libraries in the U.S. need $32 billion for construction and renovation, according to a report from the American Library Association. While any needs assessment conducted by […]

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