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Yellen urges Congress to act quickly on debt ceiling or risk ‘economic catastrophe’

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Sunday urged Congress to raise or suspend the nation’s debt ceiling or risk “widespread economic catastrophe.” In an op-ed column published by the Wall Street Journal, Yellen noted that the U.S. has never defaulted, and said it must not now. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has steadfastly refused to to… […]

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Mazda’s new EV has a nice price but limited range

Virtually every automaker is bringing out at least one electric vehicle in 2021. Most of them are putting all the effort they can into stretching the range of those new EVs. And almost all of those new EVs carry a price tag of at least $40,000. Mazda MZDAY, -0.34% hopes that has created an opening. […]

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Opinion: All concerts should mandate that every fan is ‘carded’ — showing proof of a COVID vaccine or test

Since early 2020 we have been bobbing and weaving as the coronavirus has thrown its various variants at us. We’re learning a lot of defensive moves from social distancing, masks, hygiene — and the best being the miracle of vaccines.  The music industry is uniquely positioned to be a leader for COVID vaccinations. Concert venues […]

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