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8 sunscreens dermatologists and skincare pros say you should try

MarketWatch has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful. We may earn a commission if you buy products through our links, but our recommendations are independent of any compensation that we may receive. I’m 36 and just had a basal cell carcinoma removed right above my lip. Not only […]

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Opinion: Biotech stocks are a buy — especially these 18 picks

There’s a world of hurt in biotech. It’s in a bear market. The good news is the pullback offers an chance to get into exciting areas of biotech research like gene editing and oncology at better prices. Some of these names will see buyout pops since they’re now more attractive targets for big pharmaceutical firms. […]

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By adding genetic information to treatment protocol, one can deliver the best care: Dr. Hima Challa, Director at K&H Personalized Medicine – ET HealthWorld

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Dr. Hima Challa, Director at K&H Personalized Medicine, Hyderabad, to know more about the advancements in Clinical Genomics and how it can impact the treatment outcome. Latest advancements in Genomics?Genomics is a branch of molecular biology. Started somewhere with Watson and Crick, when DNA was figured out. In 1980s, […]

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