Tag: Fraud

Software executive sentenced to 9 years for role in $50 million horoscope text-messaging fraud

The former-CEO of an Australian mobile software company has been sentenced to more than nine years in prison for his role in a massive horoscope text-messaging fraud that bilked $50 million from hundreds of thousands of U.S. cell phone users.  Michael Pearse, 52, was accused of helping develop software that would auto-subscribe unwitting cell-phone customers […]

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Phony psychic scheme used letters containing talismans and promise of riches to bilk elderly victims out of millions

The letters would arrive in the mail bearing magical talismans and promises of soon-to-be-realized fortunes — if the recipient acted quickly and sent back a $50 fee. Tens of thousands of elderly people in the U.S. responded and sent money orders to post office boxes in Switzerland, but the windfalls never materialized. Federal prosecutors say […]

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Turkish national pleads guilty to Medicaid fraud in years-long ‘birth tourism’ scheme

A Long Island man has pleaded guilty to running a years-long ‘birth tourism’ scheme through which he brought 117 pregnant women from Turkey to the U.S. to give birth and gain citizenship for their children. Ibrahim Aksakal, 49, of East Patchogue, N.Y., admitted running websites and Facebook pages in Turkey with names like “Let my […]

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