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‘It’s not looking good’: Paid leave may be on chopping block in Democrats’ social-spending bill

Paid leave, a major part of Democrats’ wide-ranging social-spending bill, may be left on the cutting-room floor as the party’s moderates and progressives try to hammer out an agreement this week. President Joe Biden last week said the proposed program had been cut to four weeks in negotiations, from Democrats’ original idea of giving all […]

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Yellen predicts inflation will return to normal in second half of 2022

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday that she doesn’t expect inflation to return to a normal rate until at least the middle of next year — but that doesn’t mean the U.S. is losing control of inflation. Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Yellen predicted the spike in inflation will be temporary. “ “Americans haven’t […]

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These 7 habits will keep your mind sharp no matter how long you work

When Ronald Reagan was running for president in 1980, there were questions about his age and whether he was up to such a stressful job. After all, the Gipper would turn 70 less than a month after being inaugurated. 70? The oldest president up to that time had been Dwight Eisenhower, who had retired at that age […]

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