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Opinion: Computer hacking may never fully go away even with the best new technology — and we may not want it to

This wasn’t the first, nor it will be the last, such attack. However, certain details made cybersecurity experts worried: First, hackers used a zero-day exploit, i.e. a yet unknown flaw in the code, to execute their attack. Second, they targeted a company that isn’t as valuable a target as a bank, for example, but has […]

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Can Biden really protect Americans from the next crippling cyber attack?

An epidemic of cyberattacks against the American government, citizens and businesses has raged for years, but experts say the U.S. government has been slow to respond, while remaining skeptical that proposed solutions would be effective in stopping international cyberthreats. The only major cybersecurity law passed during the past decade was the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act […]

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White House walks back Biden comments on cybercriminal swap with Russia

The White House on Sunday walked back comments from President Biden that he’d be “open” to exchanging cybercriminals with Russia. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told press aboard Air Force One that Biden was not talking about “exchanges or swaps” when he seemed receptive to Vladimir Putin’s offer that the Kremlin would extradite cybercriminals if the US […]

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