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Dog DNA tests are a thing. Here’s what happened when I tried this $51 kit on my mutt

MarketWatch has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful. We may earn a commission if you buy products through our links, but our recommendations are independent of any compensation that we may receive. Ever since I brought Gus home from the West Los Angeles animal shelter 8 years ago, […]

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Don’t believe these Social Security myths

Talking with family and friends, listening to cable news or following public debate about the future of Social Security, you’ve likely heard one or more of the following comments asserted as incontrovertible fact: Social Security is going bankrupt, going broke, in crisis; young people will never see a penny in benefits. Social Security’s trust funds are […]

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My sister took care of our parents, and kept their $80K savings when they died. Now she wants to live rent-free in their house

Prior to my mother’s passing, she left all her monetary assets to my dad: insurance policy, annuity, cash monies, etc. She named me as the secondary beneficiary, with clear instructions that the monies should be used to benefit the family. The annuity would be divided equally amongst my sisters.  Two years later, my dad died. […]

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