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This post will explain employee engagement software. If you’re contemplating to buy employee engagement software, you’ve grown to the best location. We continue to do routine research study on what the very best employee engagement tools are, along with what rate you need to pay, questions to ask suppliers on demos, ROI computations, and a whole lot more.

The Best 18 Best Employee Engagement Tools in 2021

In this article, you can know about employee engagement software here are the details below;

 The ideal employee engagement platform will permit your company to construct a stronger society, which will lead to more immeasurable employee retention, and an more comfortable time working with. Employee engagement tools have ended up being even more essential as:

 – 2 out of 3 millennials mention their organization’s purpose and culture are the reason why they chose to work there. Without a healthy culture, companies just can not maintain young skill.

 – People Analytics is becoming a more important discipline with 71% of companies regarding it as a high priority in their organizations. A top employee engagement solution permits HR to have more insight into what’s going on in their company.

 – Employee engagement software allows companies to keep their hand on the pulse of their organization to see what supervisors require more training, which teams have higher flight threat, and how key goals are being fulfilled within the organization.

The below guide is indicated to assist HR and People teams to select the right engagement platform for their business. We’ve supplied a shortlist together with general details on use cases, pitfalls, finest practices, etc. You might likewise be interested in efficiency management software which allows companies to track the goals of a private, group, division, and business. Good luck!

 Empuls focuses on all things employee engagement. Business, especially SMBs, utilize it to connect and align their workers, procedure sentiment through real-time feedback, and incentivize good efficiency through different rewards and recognition functions. Also check best sales tools


 Empuls is a cloud based and holistic employee engagement platform constructed for SMBs to improve their internal culture. Trusted by over 1000 brand names throughout the world, Empuls loads features that assist in continuous employee interaction, partnership, benefits, acknowledgment, Pulse/ eNPS studies, people analytics, and more.

Empuls Customers

Rakuten, Signzy, Luminous, Brenntag, Near

Empuls Statistics

 – Launched in 2019

 – 1000+ clients



 Empuls has 2 strategies. When billed annually, they cost as follows:

 – Starter: This strategy costs $2 per person monthly and is ideal for teams with up to 200 staff members.

 – Proficient: This plan costs $3.60 per person per month and is ideal for groups with more than 200 workers.


 Besides engagement studies, Kazoo also packs efficiency management and employee acknowledgment capabilities in their robust platform.


 Kazoo’s employee engagement service is coupled with benefits and performance management all in one platform. This three pronged approach allows People groups to utilize one supplier that perfectly shares data throughout all three modules.

 Kazoo Clients

 Allianz, Hitachi, Kia Motors, Patagonia

 Kazoo Stats

 – 95% consumer retention rate

 – 600+ international customers

 – 10-20% greater employee retention

 Kazoo Prices:

 Kazoo has 3 rates levels:

 – Growth costs $12.50 monthly per employee billed yearly. It is created for 100 – 250 workers.

 – Standard expenses $10.50 per month per employee billed annually. It is created for 250 – 1000 employees.

 – Enterprise is for 1000+ employee business and is used at a custom-made quote

 All tiers get the functions formerly discussed. More greater level plans offer extra options tailored to your business’s needs. There are also additional onboarding charges, noted as $5,000 for Recognition functions and $7,000 for performance features.


 Leapsome is extremely versatile; you can select to build on their best-practice surveys and questionnaires developed by psychologists or personalize whatever– from questions to timelines and anonymity settings.

 Leapsome Review

 With personalized, easy-to-set-up employee engagement studies, Leapsome permits you to determine the pulse of your business culture & make important decisions based on real time insights. The platform likewise includes Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies that examine written reactions to open-ended questions, assisting you rapidly reveal belief, recognize typical themes, and carry out data-driven actions to take on the most significant challenges.

 Leapsome Clients

 Mercedes Benz, Spotify adn Trivago, Eventim and Babbel, Plus Dental

 Leapsome Stats

 – More than 1.2 m special pieces of feedback are shared across the Leapsome platform

 – 99% client satisfaction for interactions with Leapsome’s success team

 Leapsome Prices:

 Leapsome’s prices depends on the variety of your employees, the modules you want to use, and the length of your agreement. Its modular prices begins with $7 per user each month when billed yearly. To get a comprehensive quote, contact Leapsome’s sales team. You can also evaluate out Leapsome free of charge for a complete 14 days – no credit card needed.

Reward Gateway

 Reward Gateway is an employee engagement program (SmartHub) that integrates employee acknowledgment, surveys, interaction, refunds (instant vouchers and cashback offers), & analytics in a single option.

 Reward Gateway Evaluation

 Companies seeking to boost their employee retention should have a look at Reward Gateway’s engagement option (we likewise have them included on our rewards page). Their item uses employee communications, peer to peer recognition, automated awards and so far more.

 Reward Gateway Clients

 Ikea, McDonald’s, Unilever, Heineken

 Reward Gateway Statistics

 – Net Promoter Score of 72

 – Used by 5 million employees

 – Over 1900 clients

 Reward Gateway Rates:

 Reward Gateway does not openly share price. You will have to contact a salesperson.

 Nevertheless, if you are a UK client, they use small company prices for companies with under 100 employees. It costs ₤ 6 per employee.


 Motivosity is quite extensive; it has functions for employee engagement, recognition, efficiency management, coaching succession planning, and much more.

 Motivosity Evaluation

 Motivosity combines four products in one. Their platform permits you to connect with staff members, comprehend their performance drivers, and acknowledge them for a job well done. What’s fantastic about Motivosity is that it isn’t just for managers to use, but staff members too. The platform assists in peer-to-peer acknowledgment so everyone’s feedback is heard.

 Motivosity Consumers

 Instructure, University of Michigan, WGU, Cotopaxi, HealthEquity

 Motivosity Pricing:

 Motivosity offers 4 products:

 – Connect: Connect expenses $1 per person per month and is instantly bundled with the other Motivosity products. E.g. if you buy Recognize, Lead, or Listen, you’ll instantly get everything within Connect also.


 eloomi integrates engagement with their finest in class LMS and performance management systems which means you can completely utilize feedback for employee advancement.

 eloomi Review

 eloomi’s employee engagement tool uses a basic to use survey to record employee feedback through numerous choice, sliding scale, and so on concerns. Feedback can be available in the kind of confidential or non-anonymous responses from staff members.

 Combining their LMS with engagement permits you to instantly send studies that connect to specific learning modules. For case, you may have a module on your company’s new year strategy that information a group’s OKRs. You can right away send an engagement study to make certain staff members are understanding where they fit into the company.

 eloomi Clients

 Domino’s, Jabra GN, Sophos, Le Creuset and Icelandair Hotels, Delta.

 eloomi Statistics

 – eloomi was established in 2015

 – eloomi has actually been utilized by over 500 consumers

 Best For

 eloomi is a bargain for business throughout various markets looking for an integrated employee knowing, development, and appraisal solution.


 ClearCompany is a one stop shop for all sorts of enterprise grade HR software. You can integrate their employee engagement solution with their onboarding, performance management, and workforce planning services.

 ClearCompany Evaluation

 ClearCompany’s employee engagement solution can look after everything from acknowledgment and events to goal-planning and real-time feedback. It is likewise a mobile-friendly and multilingual tool. Their survey tool is particularly effective, with design template reviews that are shown to work and you can pick or produce your own from.

 Another thing we like about this supplier is their exceptional customer care and the wideness of their offer. With their platform, you can select to utilize only one or a few modules or use one of their tools for each phase of the employee lifecycle.

 ClearCompany Clients

 The Salvation Army, Fujifilm and Chick fil A, and the Supreme Court for the State of Arizona.

 ClearCompany Statistics

 – Over 2,000 customers

 – Founded in 2004

 – 640,000 total users

 ClearCompany Rates:

 With ClearCompany, you can choose to purchase a single module, numerous, or the whole platform. The latter comprises an ATS, onboarding tool, production management, planning and analytics, and, obviously, the employee engagement tools. Nevertheless, the rate for either technique isn’t provided, as it would be based upon your company size and particular needs.

 Best For

 ClearCompany is finest matched for companies trying to find a total employee engagement solution and also get their ATS, onboarding tool, or numerous types of HR software from the very same supplier.


 Bonusly assists bring visibility around small wins in several ways. You can create surveys to interact with workers, incorporate it with your communication tools to boost acknowledgment, or evaluate recognition patterns with information reports.

 Bonusly Evaluation

 Bonusly’s objective is to increase employee engagement and retention through genuine interactions and positive reinforcement. Through its social media-style interface, Bonusly enables workers to shout out their colleagues for great work on a company-wide scale. Bonusly has likewise recently included an employee feedback function, allowing companies to acquire real-time, actionable insights into employee fulfillment levels through pre-made and custom-made surveys.

 Bonusly Customers

 Hulu, InVision, SurveyMonkey, Headspace, and more

 Bonusly Stats

 – Customers from over 100 countries

 – Over 16 million benefits provided

 – 89% of Bonusly users get involved within their first month

 – 79% receive acknowledgment a minimum of when a month

 Bonusly Prices:

 The prices details of Bonusly are as follows:

 – Core: This plan costs $2.70 per user each month when billed every year.

 – Pro: This plan costs $4.50 per user per month when billed yearly.

 – Custom: This strategy is developed for large companies and has customized rates.

 Best For

 Bonusly serves business in different verticals. As for company size, Bonusly has actually been utilized by business in between 50-5,000 staff members.


 Utilized by some of the world’s greatest companies including Microsoft, Unilever and Sony, you can rely on TinyPulse’s platform to cover your culture building and efficiency management requirements.

TinyPulse Review

Quantum Workplace employee engagement software permits managers to have a holistic understanding of their organization to minimize unexpected employee departures, develop the best culture, and increase performance. Their solution is used by Microsoft, the Red Sox, Nike and much more.

TinyPulse Clients

 – Ben & Jerry’s.

 – Dole.

 – Indeed.

 – Microsoft.

TinyPulse Statistics.

 – Over 1,000 clients.

 – Featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, BBC.

 – Customers have actually seen over 50% engagement.

TinyPulse Prices.

 Prices should be worked out with the TinyPulse group. Their chatbot makes it simple to offer business details to get a quote in your e-mail.

 Best For.

 TinyPulse is utilized by groups of all sizes, from 10 to 10,000.


 With over 30 science backed and customizable study templates, comprehensive analytics, and more, CultureAmp helps over 3000 business keep their workers engaged.

 CultureAmp Evaluation.

 CultureAmp is a comprehensive employee engagement suite, that runs the range from engagement to performance management to education to training. With over 3000 consumers that consist of some big names throughout lots of markets, it’s a reliable option for any business wanting to enhance engagement efforts.

 CultureAmp Clients.

 AirBNB, Yelp, Slack, Warby Parker.

 CultureAmp Stats.

 – Used by 3000+ business.

 – Used by 3 million staff members.

 CultureAmp Pricing.

 CultureAmp has 3 different plans. Every one features all of the engagement and performance management features that CultureAmp is known for. The strategies vary in coaching and education features.

 The strategies are as follows:.

 – Self-starter: Designed for 25-200 employees. Consists of all Engagement and Performance functions. Minimal HRIS integrations. Group training and education. Coaching and education functions consist of study design review, task working sessions, and market mapping under education.

 – Standard: Designed for 200-1000 workers. Consists of all the features from Self-starter. All HRIS integrations. Adds one-on-one Coaching functions, including feedback method evaluation, job preparation, and results & report sharing follow up. Group Education features.

 – Enterprise: Designed for 1000+ employees. Includes all Standard functions. One-on-one Coaching and Education features, consisting of meetings with Success coach, action guidance, management training, and People Scientist insights.

 You might likewise acquire the employee engagement or performance management modules separately. You need to get in touch with a representative for specific pricing.

 Best For.

 CultureAmp is utilized by companies of all sizes. Nevertheless, their Standard package is marketed particularly towards companies with 200 – 1000 staff members.


Utilized by several Fortune 500 companies, Reflektive’s platform provides all the tools you require to examine then drive employee engagement and performance.

 Reflektive Evaluation

Reflektive’s software covers the gambit of efficiency management to employee engagement. This indicates their item allows you to determine and track OKRs, 1:1’s, actual time employee engagement, and so on all from one platform. Reflektive was just recently acquired by LTG, the company who owns PeopleFluent.

 Reflektive Consumers

AirBNB, Dropbox, Comcast, Squarespace

 Reflektive Statistics

– Some customers decreased turnover by over 70%.

– Founded in 2013.

– Over $100M in funding.

 Reflektive Prices.

While Reflektive does provide a free item demo, they do not openly reveal prices. You must call a sales agent.

 Best For.

Larger business will see the best ROI from Reflektive, however that doesn’t suggest small companies won’t discover usage cases.


Sparkle helps companies determine employee sentiment in real time, with personalized surveys covering employee engagement, efficiency, lifecycle, culture, variety and inclusion.

 Glint Evaluation.

Glint considers itself a People Success Platform. It is promptly a part of LinkedIn/Microsoft and certainly one of the leaders in this area. They deserve taking a look at, especially because of their predictive AI-for-HR analytics and People Science team. Also check retail management software

 Glint Clients.

– Ancestry.

– Spectrum Health.

– DISH Network.

 Glint Statistics.

– Owned by LinkedIn.

– Founded in 2013.

– Raised nearly $80M in funding.

Glint Pricing.

While Glint does not share their prices openly, you can try a complimentary demonstration before you buy.

 Best For.

Sparkle is best fit for companies searching for incredibly extensive analytics with their employee engagement platform.


Officevibe helps business engage staff members and increase their complete satisfaction – all while nurturing managers and improving how they tackle difficulties in the workplace.

 Officevibe Evaluation.

Officevibe is a cloud based platform that concentrates on employee engagement and manager growth. It allows supervisors to measure employee satisfaction through pulse surveys, then provides them with assistance on how they can improve work environment & culture. The platform packs several pre made design templates and concerns to reduce the survey development process. It likewise uses features for polls creation, reporting, 1:1 s preparing, scheduling, and more.

 Officevibe Customers.

WeTransfer, Dyson, Bose, PayScale, Trivago.

 Officevibe Stats.

– Founded in 2014.

– 275 staff members and growing.

 Officevibe Pricing.

Officevibe has three plans:.

– Basic: This plan is free of charge for 1 team with up to 10 users.

– Premium: This plan allows for limitless teams and expenses $4 per user each month.

– Organization: Designed for bigger teams, this strategy has customized pricing. Contact Officevibe’s Sales group to get a quote.

 Best For.

Officevibe can be used by business of all sizes.

Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace helps business with 100+ staff members manage and enhance experience through engagement and efficiency management tech.

 Quantum Workplace Evaluation.

Quantum Workplace allows HR teams to formulate strong, performance-based cultures through their employee engagement and performance management systems. From the employee point of view, you can keep tabs on what’s going on with the company by means of a social media-like newsfeed. This lets you see objectives for the organization/team/individual and what progress has actually been made, along with recognition that coworkers are getting.

 Quantum Workplace Clients.

Redfin, Panera, Politico.

 Quantum Workplace Statistics.

– 385+ customers.

– 2 million surveys annually.

– Over 165k 1:1’s released.

 Quantum Workplace Prices.

Precise prices for Quantum Workplace is not revealed in advance.

 Best For.

Business with > 100 workers.


15Five’s Engage solution includes a robust study tool that can assist you precisely determine employee engagement. With 30 design templates and 120 concerns to pick from, you can pick or create studies that reflect your objectives.

 15five Review.

15Five has actually been around considering that 2011, and has more than 2,000 consumers that depend on their performance management suite to find out what drives their employees, and how to incorporate this knowledge into feedback/coaching. The product is simple enough to setup where they didn’t even have a sales group the first 6 years of business.

 15five Consumers.

– Hubspot.

– Capital One.

– Spotify.

 15five Stats.

– Over 2,000 consumers.

– 3 distinct study design templates and 120 different concerns to pick from.

– Founded in 2011.

 15five Rates.

15Five has 3 product tiers, Basic, Plus, and Performance. All are billed per person each month on a yearly basis.

– Basic is priced at $7 per person per month. It’s provided as the basics package for little companies or big teams within a larger business.

– Plus is 15Five’s suggested bundle, priced at $14 per person monthly. It’s designed for companies of all sizes.

– Performance is their customized strategy with much more functions on top of the Plus plan. You must get in communication with 15Five to go over prices.

 Best For.

15Five benefits companies of any sized. Their $7 per user per month strategy is inexpensive for small companies, while large corporations will see plenty of usage with more costly plans.


Not only is Peakon a great help engagement option, it has a lots of analytical performance that makes it great for individuals preparing too.

 Peakon Review.

Peakon is a data driven solution concentrated on allowing organizations to make better people choices. Their people analytics software includes actual time management training modules that are suggested based upon employee information. While based in Denmark, their biggest market is the US. Peakon powered information is being used in their clients’ annual reports alongside more conventional financial metrics. Peakon was just recently acquired by Workday.

 Peakon Customers.

– Duke University.

– Lush Cosmetics.

– Aldo.

– Verizon.

 Peakon Statistics.

– 1000+ consumers.

– Recently obtained by Workday.

– Customers have cut employee turnover from 64% to 23%.

 Peakon Pricing.

Peakon has three different plans:.

Important is the fundamental strategy. It offers the standard engagement functions, a mobile app, an d 24-hour online support.

Business is the next strategy. It offers everything from Essential, but adds individualized benchmarking, custom-made insights, action plans, and HRIS integrations. You ‘d also have a dedicated Customer Success specialist.

Premier is the leading level plan. You’ll get everything formerly discussed, plus micro-learning sessions, attrition prediction, hierarchy mapping, company effect metrics, and unrestricted customized dashboards. You all have continued Customer Success support & change management training.

You must call a Peakon agent for cost details.

 Best For.

Peakon will be best utilized by large and enterprise sized companies who can use the nitty gritty individuals preparing functions.


Emplify steps 14 drivers of employee engagement, helping company leadership comprehend and resolve underlying engagement issues.

 Emplify Evaluation.

Emplify utilizes an information driven methodology to understand the state of engagement in the org (which they explain, is different than happiness/satisfaction!), and then uses their devoted engagement strategists and manager coaches to assist companies action this information. They take a look at various data points throughout the company, and strive to get statistically substantial information on a regular cadence that aligns with your organization’s metrics.

 Emplify Consumers.

– Ivy Tech Community College.

– California Closets.

– OKC Zoo.

 Emplify Statistics.

– Customers have actually seen 50% decrease in turnover.

– Emplify has completed 2,500+ executive strategy sessions.

 Emplify Pricing.

Emplify prices its platform based upon employee count, & is billed annually. You must contact the Emplify selling team to work out real numbers.

 Best For.

Emplify is best matched for business that want to detect engagement issues with more than simply software alone. Emplify teams your business up with their “People Insights Consultants” to assist you understand the data.


Perceptyx simplifies study creation; their platform hosts a library of more than 250 benchmarked concerns. They likewise use translations for over 160 languages and on-demand professional help.

 Perceptyx Evaluation

Perceptyx is a comprehensive employee listening platform. It includes 4 options that help you drive employee engagement, gain insights into your business culture, promote addition, and deliver much better experiences at every phase of the employee lifecycle – all while developing capable leaders.

 Perceptyx Consumers

Sysco, Dell, 3M, FedEx, Citi, OhioHealth

 Perceptyx Statistics

– Founded in 2003

– More than 30% of the Fortune 100 companies use Perceptyx options

 Perceptyx Prices

The pricing of Perceptyx’s solutions isn’t revealed on their website. Contact their sales organization to get a customized quote based upon the size and needs of your organization.

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