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False vaccine claims debunked

As coronavirus vaccines are distributed across the world, misleading claims about them are also spreading. There are concerns that false information shared online is fuelling hesitancy among some people about taking the vaccine. BBC Reality Check’s Jack Goodman looks at five viral claims and explains why they’re wrong. Motion graphics by Jacqueline Galvin Produced by […]

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S-Trimer, a COVID-19 subunit vaccine candidate, induces protective immunity in nonhuman primates

Animal studies, facilities, and ethics statements Specific pathogen-free (SPF) BALB/c female mice (6–8 weeks old) for immunogenicity studies were purchased from Chengdu Dossy Experimental Animals Co., LTD and kept under standard pathogen-free conditions in the animal care center at Chengdu Hi-tech Incubation Park. All animals were allowed free access to water and diet and provided […]

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